Cash on Delivery

swiss mail solutions also processes Cash on Delivery (COD) payments for you. COD is a payment method that makes the transaction between seller and buyer more direct and, thus, more personal. Furthermore, it protects both parties from any kind of fraud. Your customer does not need to pay for a product in advance, which he or she has not even received yet. Payment is due at the time of delivery.  Thus, the buyer can examine the goods in order to appraise their quality before actually paying. In other words, the buyer actually buys the product that is physically present.

Payment for goods is to be made directly to the delivery company. The Cash on Delivery amount will then be transferred to you as seller.

However, international shipments prove to be quite challenging. Each country has its own peculiarities: Cash on Delivery is a matter of course in some countries, others do not accept this payment method at all.

swiss mail solutions can greatly assist you with organizing payments due to our expertise in the field.