Foiling, or poly-wrapping, has often proven to be the best packaging option for mailings that mostly consist of letters, magazines or catalogues. This simple, yet effective method has numerous significant advantages:

Using poly-wrapping you can place several items into a single packaging, in other words, all the items reach their destination together. If you wish, you can easily add some coupons or promotional material.

Foiling ensures that the contents of your shipment arrive at their destination dry and unblemished. Poly-wrapping protects them from dust, grease or water.

Moreover, poly-wrapping is vital for preventing unauthorized access to your items. It offers protection against tampering. If necessary, you can also add further tamper indicators such as seals or other markings to increase security.

Addresses, bar codes, your company logo, graphics, instructions, advertising or other vital pieces of information can be imprinted onto the foil. Your documents within remain untouched.

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