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We provide our clients with customized fulfillment services, which include:

dot redaccepting goods directly from your suppliers

dot redwarehousing

dot redorganizing delivery 

dot reddealing with returns 

dot redproviding optimized distribution solutions as parcel or letter with VAS

dot redinforming our clients about everything concerning their business from stock control to delivery status.

The pricing of shipments is significantly reduced due to the high amount of business we conduct with various transport companies. Additionally pricing can be lowered since we have an EU and a NON-EU-warehouse, especially for selling LVCR (Low value consignment relief) – goods. Each client can choose what suits him or her best.

Looking for a ground suitable for necessary storage facilities; hiring staff which takes care of placement,packaging, and shipping; and setting up a system to keep all of these things in order is sure to drive you away from your efforts in management or marketing.

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Managing a business successfully requires a broad array of skills; to specialize in one’s core business is often not sufficient. Development and expansion cost a lot of time, space, resources and money.

Outsourcing can be the perfect solution for meeting the enormous challenges of dealing with receiving, storage, packing or shipping of goods. Having these aspects of your business dealt with by a reliable and experienced third party saves you time and money.

Ready, equipped and able to handle any of your requirements immediately, swiss mail solutions is the perfect fulfillment partner for you.

How do our fulfillment services work?

First of all, you can stop worrying about the merchandise.

Supply and storage

If you do not have enough storage space, swiss mail solutions takes care of warehousing for you.

We can accept goods directly from your suppliers. We then store them securely in our modern, spacious warehouse.




Pick&Pack and distribution

swiss mail solutions further deals with preparing orders for shipping, packaging goods as well as organizing distribution.

If you want to highlight your brand, swiss mail solutions provides you with individualized packaging solutions and brand packaging. Goods can be mailed as a letter with value-added services (VAS) or as a parcel. For the second option we also offer valuable services such as Cash on Delivery (COD) and Track & Trace (T&T).

swiss mail solutions cooperates with numerous renowned transport companies. This enables us to offer you cost-efficient shipping rates.

Inventory control

swiss mail solutions also monitors your inventory. Our custom-designed, web-based system records your stock and enables you to regularly check it. You can access our warehouse management system online whenever you need to. Moreover, you receive an automatic warning, if a product is low in stock. Thus you are always fully informed about your inventory, which improves economic planning.


Expand your business with the perfect fulfillment and logistics partner

An acclaimed launch of a web-shop is only the first step on the road to success of your e-business.
Customers have to be attracted and attended on. Fast and reliable delivery is the key to satisfied customers from all over the world.
swiss mail solutions provides you with an effective means of achieving your goal.
Our ecommerce fulfillment service takes care of storing your goods, processing and preparing orders for you.
Taking advantage of our cost efficient and customizable fulfillment solutions allows you to concentrate on the core skills of your business in order to stay ahead of your competitors. You can also save money with logistics outsourcing to a reliable partner such as swiss mail solutions.
We organize the shipment of goods to your international customers. As an e-business you think globally, swiss mail solutions acts globally.
Our global fulfillment service extends your market form local to global in the real world.