How we can help you

As a Swiss based international company, we understand the values of RELIABILITY & QUALITY and practice them every day.

Our team of industry experts will help you concentrate on your business and keep track of all your shipments, products and projects. Our team can help you with:

Our Austrian facility is optimized for storing any goods up to 30kg (except perishables and dangerous goods) as well as documents and catalogues. On your order, an item is prepared and shipped to one of the distribution centers. If you need more versatility with your business, check out our two fulfillment facilities inside and outside the EU.

Custom reporting, package tracking from order handling to payment verifications, stock control and many more. Click here and see how to integrate swiss mail solutions into your day-to-day operations.

if you are on the lookout for EAN-code based management of goods, mobile data entry, air conditioned storage, Pick & Pack and many more fulfillment options then you are in the right place – click here to check out our fulfillment portfolio and create your personalized solution.