International mail

It’s ridiculously easy to establish contact with potential customers from all over the world in the online world. In your online store you can present your whole range of products and services. Distances seem to dissolve. Nevertheless, the physical distance in the offline world becomes an issue again, when someone places an actual order. You have to make sure that the selected product reaches your customer safely, regardless of where he or she is from. swiss mail solutions is the right partner for this often rather long way. We organize worldwide shipments of documents and goods for you.



Our team of experts finds the optimal solution for the specific requirements of your project. International mail services runs smoothly and fast with swiss mail solutions. With us, you can profit from high reliability and an extensive range, which compares to that of established international mailing companies. At the same time we provide you with the flexibility of individualized shipping plans, an exclusive service that big companies rarely offer.



You can choose from a large variety of international mailing services. swiss mail solutions helps you select the best solution for your company based on cost, shipping method and/or time constraints

We offer the highest level of services when it comes to

Distribution of mail
Documentation and Marketing material