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A reliable stock management system is of paramount importance for optimizing the inventory management of your business. Extension and maintenance of such a system require considerable time and money. Nevertheless, a dependable stock management system is profitable.

Timely systematization also reduces costs significantly, and your business can prosper.



IT Support

swiss mail solutions provides you with comprehensive IT support, which connects all key sections of your business. The system will be tailored exactly to your requirements in order to meet the challenges and demands of diverse markets.

Our top priority is individualization.


swiss mail solutions

We offer you optimal assistance in the form of advanced IT software and a highly professional support team. Our IT system allows you to constantly monitor every step of the value chain. 




Our customized stock management system perfects the following business processes:


kvadratswiss mail solutions operates as an interface to your online shop.

kvadratWe keep you fully informed about orders, the information on your website is always up-to-date.

Stock control

kvadratswiss mail solutions monitors your stock and records all relevant data in real time, which you can access whenever you need to.

kvadratYou will receive an automatic stock alert, if a specific product is low in stock.

kvadratWe provide you with a comprehensive report concerning orders, customers, distribution channel, etc.

Overall reports

kvadratswiss mail solutions submits detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports.

kvadratYou will also be informed about returns, the delivery status of shipments, undeliverable items, etc. on a regular basis.


kvadratswiss mail solutions operates an interface to your customer’s bank and can import relevant data, which enables us to track and check payment transactions.

Returns management

kvadratWe process returns, restore items to your stock or destroy them.


kvadratswiss mail solutions maintains a comprehensive database, which displays all business transactions from ordering to dunning.

Our specialists will be glad to compose an individual service package from our extensive range for you. We customize the package exactly to your specific requirements.