Packaging forms the first impression of a product.

This is why it is very important to perform packaging professionally. Moreover, packaging needs to be practical in terms of durability and reliability, as well as transport.

swiss mail solutions employs experienced professionals that are here to advise you when it comes to the options available, as well as to perform the packaging.

Our packaging options include carton boxes, envelopes and bubble envelopes and those can be neutral or customized according to your specifications. Speaking of customization, options are innumerable, while for large scale packaging we offer common packaging that will make such a process faster, easier and more cost-efficient.

Some clients are perfectly happy with their current packaging format and are reluctant to make any changes. For those clients we can perform packaging without dealing with the design.

Others wish us to create new and distinctive packaging and our experts in this field are invaluable.

Whatever requirement regarding packaging you might have, swiss mail solutions is here to help you deal with every aspect of it in timely and professional manner, helping you to make an impact on your customers.