To liaise with a reliable partner when it comes to the import of goods into the European Union and international shipments is certainly worth it. Customs duties and taxes vary greatly from country to country. As an experienced company, swiss mail solutions is perfectly familiar with the target country’s import regulations. Furthermore, we can optimize shipping costs due to our favourable contracts with local transport companies.

A well-versed and dependable partner proves invaluable with regard to as simple a factor as the value added tax (VAT). Regulations concerning the VAT differ from country to country. swiss mail solutions operates a bonded warehouse in Serbia for small goods with a sales value under € 22,-. Neither customs duties nor the value added tax incurs for such products. Therefore, it might be advantageous to store them abroad and ship them from there.

Without a reliable partner you might easily get lost in the jungle of rules and cross border regulations regarding imports and international business transactions. Our experts at swiss mail solutions support you with their in-depth knowledge and provide you with the optimal solution for your business.