It is imperative for every business to organize its warehouse management well. A dependable warehouse management system prevents bottlenecks and avoids an unnecessary overabundance. It improves seasonal planning as well and facilitates budgeting fluctuation.

swiss mail solutions manages your stock and records vital details. Our web based system allows you to access the data anywhere and anytime.  

swiss mail solutions’ warehouse management system is based on the following core components:

1. Real time stock control

Our stock control system offers reliable, up-to-date information, which you can always retrieve.

2. Stock alerts

You will be warned automatically, if a particular product is low in stock. Thus, you will never run into supply difficulties. The number of items that activates our low stock alert service is predetermined and can be changed at any point. The alert system is completely automated.

3. Reports on products/sets delivered

swiss mail solutions keeps you informed about the delivery status of all shipments. We adapt the form of reporting to your particular requirements. We can include information about certain customers or distribution channels, for instance. Contact our experts in order to select the core criteria for your regular reports!